Healing Arts and Wellness Center - Dr. Mary Kelley, DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine)

Dr. Mary Kelley, DOM is a Certified Instructor
and Master Trainer. Currently offering instruction in:

Aqua Chi, Chi Kung and Tai Chi (yang style).

Instructor Certifications programs available

(352) 544-7619

Tai Chi is the most popular exercise in the world.

Tai Chi is the only exercise recommended by the AMA for fall prevention.

Tai Chi improves strength, balance, blood pressure, mental functions and promotes a feeling of well being.

Tai Chi has been proven to improve Parkinson's disease, poor balance, weak leg strength, high blood pressure, pain and stiffness, stress and anxiety.

Call (352) 544-7619 now to schedule a weekly class for yourself or your group. Current group classes are listed below:

Beginner classes 2021
Call (352) 544-7619 for more information

Instructor certifications programs are available year round! No experience necessary!

Corporate or Private class - tai chi, chi kung or aqua chi
An hourly rate for special groups or private students..
Price: $60.00
Corporqte or Private class - tai chi, chi kung or aqua chi
A 45 minute class for special groups or private students.
Price: $50.00
Prearranged fee
Price: $100.00
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